Vietnam War- Watergate scandal timeline

1968 November 1968- Richard Nixon becomes president. 1970 July 23, 1970- Nixon approves a plan for greatly expanding domestic intelligence. A few days later he changes his mind on the whole matter. 1971 June 13, 1971- The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers- the Defense Department’s secret history of the Vietnam war. The … More Vietnam War- Watergate scandal timeline

Vietnam War-Timeline

  1945- Japan handed Vietnam to the Vietminh; Ho Chi Minh declared the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. 1946- War broke out between the French and the Vietminh 1949- Communist China came into being allowing the Vietminh to train China away from French attacks. 1950- Truman refuses to recognize the Democratic Republic of Vietnam 1954- The … More Vietnam War-Timeline

Famous Actresses- 30’s Edition

Katherine Hepburn Katherine Hepburn was one of Hollywood’s most loved actresses for over 60 years. Holiday, Bringing up Baby, and Alice Adams. She was an American actress that was known for her fierce independence and spirited personality. She received 4 academy awards for best actress ( a record for any performer). In 1999, Hepburn was named the greatest actress … More Famous Actresses- 30’s Edition