Dear Me, We’ve hit the lowest of lows. We have no food, Mama and me have had to get job’s just to help the family keep our head above water. All of the money we’d saved got lost in the bank. The only thing that makes these even a little bearable is to know it’s … More Coping

Famous Actresses- 30’s Edition

Katherine Hepburn Katherine Hepburn was one of Hollywood’s most loved actresses for over 60 years. Holiday, Bringing up Baby, and Alice Adams. She was an American actress that was known for her fierce independence and spirited personality. She received 4 academy awards for best actress ( a record for any performer). In 1999, Hepburn was named the greatest actress … More Famous Actresses- 30’s Edition

Hoover vs. Franklin

President Hoover Hoover’s take at the depression was quite vigorous, but it was narrow. His main goal was to restore confidence in the economy and the banking system. He did authorize loans to farmers, also business men could apply for these loans to prevent them from going bankrupt. He (for the most part) practiced the … More Hoover vs. Franklin

Chapter 8 Section 1,2,3 & Chapter 9 Section 1 Notes.

Causes of the Depression *Prosperity Hides Troubles Republicans took credit for the bullish economy, and American heartily agreed. *Optimism Sweeps Hoover to Victory Herbert Hoover delivered his victory speeches, and how economic troubles were beginning to worry some American’s. The prosperity of the 1920’s was not as deep or as sturdy as Hoover claimed. *Problems … More Chapter 8 Section 1,2,3 & Chapter 9 Section 1 Notes.